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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Waterbird Breeding Spectacular at Cowra Japanese Gardens

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The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder’s Exhibition of Waterbird Photography and the Cowra NRM Committee’s Archibird Native Bird Photography Winner’s Exhibition.

Waterbird Breeding Spectacular
An Exhibition of Waterbird Photography

Curated by Steven Cavanagh, Arts OutWest

Wednesday 1 – Wednesday 8 November

Following two years of record-breaking waterbird breeding seasons, the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) has collaborated with numerous photographers to present a stunning photo exhibition at Cowra Japanese Gardens.

Come and see the majestic, awe-inspiring and sometimes quirky beauty of Murray-Darling Basin waterbird breeding! 

Floods are Mother Nature’s trigger for large-scale waterbird breeding events, and over the past two years such conditions have been perfect across the Murray-Darling Basin for various species like pelicans, Ibis, egrets and spoonbills to gather in their thousands and breed in large wetlands.

When the wetlands are full, water levels need to stay high to make sure chicks have everything they need to grow. If the water levels drop quickly the adult birds can abandon their nests and they can be exposed to predators such as foxes and feral pigs.

Sometimes nature can use a helping hand and that’s where the CEWH comes in – delivering water for the environment ensures that water levels are right, water quality is good and the water is provided for long enough for waterbirds to successfully raise their chicks.

Water for the environment is a collaborative effort between the CEWH and other water managers and partners. The CEWH acknowledges the invaluable contribution of State Governments, First Nations peoples, landholders, environment groups and community members.

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder works with its partners to deliver water for the environment in support of these incredible natural wetland events. This exhibition is a collaboration and we also sincerely extend our thanks to Cowra NRM Advisory Committee, Pixel Perfect and Arts OutWest.

The photo exhibition will be held at:

We hope you enjoy the exhibition!
Cowra Japanese Gardens
8:30am – 5:00pm
Ken Nakajima Place, Cowra NSW 2794
All images were taken during approved scientific monitoring and adhering to ethical standards.

Image: Pelicans at Lake Brewster, NSW
Photographer: Mal Carnegie