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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Value of Tourism in Central West

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The ‘Value of Tourism to Central West’ provides visitation statistics for the period of January 2022 to December 2022.

We’ve pulled out the arts and cultural tourism related stats from this Destination Central NSW report. 

Excitingly, the report shows that tourism delivers 8.2% of Central West’s jobs, supports 2,372 businesses and directly delivers 3.4% of our region’s Gross Value Add (GVA), which has grown every year since 2010/11 at an average 3.3% pa. 

Cultural Tourism is one of the four strategic focus areas for Arts OutWest 2021-2024. Our Culture Maps Central NSW is a key focus of this.

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Some highlights:

  • NSW held nearly 32% of 2021-22 Tourism Investment Pipeline being the largest among all states and territories, with 59 projects valued at $14.1bn.
    1. Aviation ($5.4bn)
    2. Accommodation ($4.7bn)
    3. Arts, recreation & business services ($4.0bn)
    4. Regional investment ($1.1bn)

Source: TRA, Tourism Investment Monitor 2021-22

  • In 2022, Central West DN has secured events that have delivered $169 million worth of domestic visitor expenditure into the state.
  • What experiences drive visitors to come to your destination?
    • Visit museums or art galleries – 8% domestic/ overnight visitors
    • Visit history / heritage buildings, sites or monuments – 4% domestic/ overnight visitors
    • Eat out / dine at a restaurant and/or cafe – 54% domestic/ overnight visitors
    • Visit friends & relatives – 29% domestic/ overnight visitors
    • Source: Tourism Research Australia, National Visitor Survey.