The fourth and final ARTSTATE will be livestreamed for you!

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Can’t get to Wagga Wagga? No problem! Meet the keynote speakers who will lead the conversations and share their take on ‘Walking Together’ and ‘Shaping Tomorrow’.

ARTSTATE WAGGA WAGGA is offering a Digital Pass for everyone wishing to access the Artstate program remotely.

DIGITAL PASSES: In the nature of adapting to the times, we are pleased to announce that much of the speaker’s program and elements of the arts program for Artstate Wagga Wagga will be livestreamed.  A Digital Pass will be just $55.00 for individuals and $125.00 for groups of up to five users.  We hope that the online offering of Artstate will extend the event to a broader and more widely spread audience, helping us to further showcase that creative excellence exists in regional NSW.
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ATTEND IN PERSON: The number of delegates able to attend Artstate Wagga Wagga will be limited. So we are encouraging those who are planning to attend to secure their places early.  Ticket prices have been held at the previous early bird prices with full registrations being $395.00 including GST, with a concession price for individual artists, presented and the NSW regional Arts network of $295.00.
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We are delighted to introduce you to four of the people who will lead, stimulate and inspire conversation during the Artstate Speakers Program. Their personal and creative walks of life have equipped them with experiences that will help them shed their individual light on what it means to “walk together” and how the decisions we make and the practices we preach will help to “shape tomorrow”.

Friday 6 November

Faye McMillan
Mental Health is an issue that impacts us all and participation in art provides an opportunity to engage with our own social and emotional wellbeing. So how does a pharmacist who works in mental health get a gig at Artstate? Using her own lived experiences as a Wiradjuri yinaa, Associate Professor from Trangie NSW, Faye McMillan will talk about the importance of finding yourself to allow flourishing.

Faye will be delivering her keynote address, “Flourishing Together” at 9:10am.
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Gayle Kennedy
Award-winning writer, Wongaiibon woman, and wheelchair user Gayle Kennedy puts her own unique spin on the theme of ‘walking together’. As a First Nations woman who lives with disability and who has spent a lot of time living in and travelling around regional NSW, Gayle will provide distinctive, compelling and entertaining insights into how creativity is valued, opportunity is accessed and participation is made available to people and communities across the state.

Gayle will be delivering her keynote address, “Walking Together” at 11:15am.
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Saturday 7 November

Dr. Erica Seccombe
Erica Seccombe is a visual artist based in the Canberra region. Erica will discuss her practice in context of collaboration and interdisciplinary practice exploring scientific methods of visualisation using 3D and 4D Micro-computed X-ray Tomography. A continuing theme arising in her work is the complex human relationships we have with nature and our natural environments, whether through social, cultural, or technological factors. Presenting her recent work, including Metamorphosis, (2016) which visualises a pupating maggot before it transforms into a fly, she will discuss her own experiences and concerns as an artist of living at this time of uncertainty where human activity has a dominant influence on the environment and climate.

Erica will be delivering her keynote, “Visualising Complexity” address at 9:10am. 
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Rafael Bonachela

Rafael Bonachela is a Choreographer, Artistic Director and Curator whose career has seen him successfully span high art and popular culture, working across a range of art forms, including contemporary dance, art installations, pop concerts, musicals, film, commercials and fashion. As Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company since 2009, Rafael believes that COVID-19 has forced us to reconsider how our industry works, the stories we tell and most importantly how we reach and connect to our audiences. His own experiences and the journey that Sydney Dance Company has been on have led to some interesting new approaches and some beautiful outcomes. Disruption has its upsides!

Rafael will be delivering his keynote address, “The Ultimate Disruption” at 11:15am.
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