The catch up: Mitchell Conservatorium

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Mitchell Conservatorium of Music were quick to move all classes online and are now looking at bigger online events and welcoming new students into term two.

Mitchell Conservatorium publicity officer Lauren Hagney.

What’s the situation for your organisation right now?

Mitchell Conservatorium has closed their physical office on Russell Street, however all musical lessons/workshops are continuing online. Admin staff are also working from home.

What are you doing or making available online?

Mitchell Conservatorium is now operating all one-to-one lessons on the Zoom video platform and has commenced all Ensemble lessons through group video conferences. Our Early Childhood Music Workshops are now a live online fortnightly workshop and we are excited to be launching PUBlic Choir on the Facebook live format on April 21st.

We are also offering FREE instrument hire for anyone wishing to commence online lessons with us in Term 2. Contactless delivery is available.

Has your team discovered any new skills or strategies?

We have realised the importance of connection within our workplace, especially between Administration staff. We have begun use of a collaboration hub system to make sure we can all interact on a professional and personal level to assist each other through this difficult time.

What programs are you looking forward to in 6 to 12 months time?

We would love to get back to seeing our students in person for their lessons and to hold our large scale community events.

What’s one tip for artists, students or arts lovers right now?

Keep creating. There will come a period in time where we will reflect on this current health crisis and we will be able to mark it with the collective arts created right now.

Also, the power of music has been continuously documented for its benefits for the brain. Make music, listen to music or share music to keep your spirits up.

What online resource have you been into or would you recommend?

We would recommend Zoom, Slack, Facebook and Instagram for being able to stay in touch with students and teachers.

How can people stay in touch with you?

Our normal contact channels are still operational.

Phone: 63316622


Facebook: @mitchell.conservatorium

Upcoming Events

Sat 19