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The annual Ironfest brings 20,000 visitors to Lithgow. In uncertain times something you can rely on is Ironfest founder and coordinator Mac Ross to give an irreverent, honest perspective.

The Covid-19 close-down came just over a month before the 2020 festival. Here’s how the team is rethinking things.

How is your organisation going? What’s the situation for you?

We just had our AGM last week & pretty much the same team was returned with the addition of Sarah Michel who is our new Treasurer – lucky her – as you can imagine, cancelling the fest just one month out has cost us a bomb.

What’s happening online now?

Some good news though: as we saw that cancellation was becoming inevitable Boris said “virtual festival” and we decided to take a leap into the unknown & just this week launched:


The Ironfest 2020 Gothic Virtual Festival which we had started work on a little while back: (

Our stalls are already trading here (all artists welcome):


and over the April 18 & 19 weekend we’re very keen to see what gets posted here:

What new skills or strategies has the team discovered?

I learnt where & how to click on every clicky thing at Centrelink & My Gov (& now await the many thousands of $$$ Mr Morrison told me were coming my way 😉) – I’ve also started planting potatoes … & I’m learning roofing skills (got a casual job labouring for some roofers from Sydney) …. Boris is learning to drive a tractor (also after learning about clicky things) – Rich has discovered internet news-reading skills using Zoom et al & Pennie (our stalls co-ordinator) is honing her garlic planting & bunker building skills …

What’s the plan for the next 6 to 12 months?

I expect we will continue to promote art, history, fashion, costuming, machines, the weird & the wonderful; wacky & quirky; as well as local (online) events … on the Kingdom of Ironfest Fb page here:

Any tips for artists and lovers of art?

Love & help each other (but stay 1.5m apart): don’t stop making; do swaps, & barter for food

How can people contact you?

If peeps want to contact me –  this email address ( is probs best or if it’s urgent they should come down to my current building site & yell very loudly 😊

See you on the other side & cheers, Mac

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