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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

The Art Group: Oberon Multipurpose Service Exhibition goes to condo


Artwork made by aged care residents in Oberon will feature at Condobolin MPS (hospital).

Arts OutWest and Oberon Arts Council have worked with the hospital community to create The Art Group, an exhibition and art group

A group of Oberon MPS residents, day care attendees and volunteers formed The Art Group with Arts OutWest and Oberon Arts Council. A selection of framed works have travelled to hospitals in our area.

“We meet every Thursday and our art room is the most exciting corner of the hospital,” said one of the participants.

Christine McMillan, Arts OutWest Arts and Health Coordinator runs the program with the support of Fran Charge from Oberon Arts Council and staff at the hospital. Another participant explained, “The group is really important because it inspires people. We laugh and smile and get to know the other residents. We talk about art works and we make art works.”

‘We participate in community exhibitions, like ‘Waste to Art’ which helps makes us feel included in the community.’