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Thank an Artist

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Our colleagues at Southern Tablelands Arts invite us all to stop and thank artists for their vital role these last 12 months. #thankanartist

By Rose Marin, Executive Director Southern Tablelands Arts

Something beautiful happened in 2020. Despite how difficult the year was, the arts stepped up and took a leading role to keep us all going during the isolation and confusion.

Artists shared work online, held sing-a-longs, made films, invited us to virtual poetry readings. Plays were performed over the web and art packs were distributed to those isolated in their homes. Whole festivals of artistic content were presented online (free of charge) so we could share unique experiences even while physically separated. STA even worked with Indigenous artist Ronnie Jordan to deliver online creative making workshop to hundreds of students.

Artists and community groups came together to support each other and everyone else. Creatives are some of the most generous people in our communities and some of the most effected by the pandemic with a massive downturn in incomes and opportunities right across the creative sector. In a bid to help address some of the hardship STA are currently offering grants that will directly inject financial support into our creative industries. While the available funds won’t come close to meeting the need, they will make a small positive difference.

As we share the stories of artists and creative groups, we wanted to also give the entire region a chance to say thanks and acknowledge how the arts and the people who work in the creative industries make our lives better.

STA have started the #thankanartist campaign to acknowledge how artists made 2020 more bearable and the very special part they play in making all our lives better every day. They are unsung heroes, and we hope you will join STA to sing their praises.

This month #thankanartist every day. Thank them for the works of art that grace your home and garden.  For the books they write, the films they make, the house concerts and music they perform. Thank them for the hard work and the gorgeous sound and imagery they share with us both in real life and online.

Thank them by sharing their events on social media, by following them and liking their posts. Thank them by turning up at gigs and visiting galleries.

Tag @southerntablandsarts (and @artsoutwest) when you post so we can share your gratitude with the world.

STA and Arts OutWest are two of the 14 networked regional arts organisations across NSW.

Image caption: Ronnie Jordan from Culture on the Move delivering online weaving workshops for school students. Photo courtesy Southern Tablelands Arts.