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The inaugural Rural Arts and Culture Symposium (Saturday November 15 in Forbes) started some valuable and passionate conversations about how and why we make arts and culture happen in our region.

In this recap: Quotes, discussion points, video, links and photos, audio of the panel sessions from the day.

‘Visitors don’t see ‘local government areas” Brian Steffan, General Manager, Forbes Shire council #ruralartsculturesymposium

The Symposium asked: how does arts and culture strengthen our regional communities? There was a deliberate focus on festivals, cultural tourism and the creative industries.

Co-hosted by Kalari-Lachlan River Arts Festival, Forbes Shire Council and Arts OutWest, the day drew people from across the Central West – Bathurst to Wellington to Grenfell, Parkes, Canowindra, Forbes – as well as guest speakers from the likes of Central NSW Tourism, Musicaviva, Mitchell Conservatroium, Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, local councils and a huge range of the region’s festivals.

‘Wiradjuri culture belongs to all of us’ Larry Towney. #ruralartsculturesymposium

Richard Morgan, Forbes Council: councils should lead community events from behind – hand over to collaboration. #ruralartsculturesymposium

Lucy White, Central NSW Tourism: use audience surveys. ‘Throw the data at them’. #ruralartsculturesymposium

Buzz words on the day included collaboration, strengths, visitor experience, the value of volunteers, the richness of Wiradjuri culture, connections, collective marketing and a regional (rather than just local) focus.

The day was a big success and yes – based on the crowd consensus – it will happen again, very soon.

Low resources? Culture is the best resource we have. #ruralartsculturesymposium

In detail

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Carly Brown, Weddin Shire: ‘fit for the future’ actually offers lots of opportunities for collaboration. #ruralartsculturesymposium

Larry Towney: art is the thing that has kept Wiradjuri people connected to traditional culture. #ruralartsculturesymposium


Tracey Callinan @artsoutwest: you don’t achieve great community outcomes without also aiming for excellence in arts. #ruralartsculturesymposium


Richard @MusicaVivaAU ‘art is political… Showcasing voices in a community’. #ruralartsculturesymposium


Trundle ABBA Festival: we make sure our visitor needs are met by our local businesses. #ruralartsculturesymposium


Graham (@MitchellCon1) stop saying we’re ‘too busy’ – making connections can make shortcuts to local planning. #ruralartsculturesymposium

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