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Look to the skies! The zeitgeist is all about the stars right now. Were excited to to see the fascinating work already developing for The CORRIDOR Project’s ‘Star-Picket’.

Star-Picket is an inter-arts project, supported by the Australia Government’s Regional Arts Fund,  created by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists in a cross cultural collaboration, investigating sky stories and mapping from the central west NSW, leading to interpretations of seasonal farming practices, and travel pathways based on this knowledge.

Creative producers Aleisha Lonsdale (Arts OutWest) and Phoebe Cowdery (the CORRIDOR project), have both previously collaborated together, engaging a group of artists from both NSW and Cape York, on the COOL BURN exhibition in 2015-2016. COOL BURN was the first in a series of exhibitions documenting traditional practices though a contemporary lens involving land art, soundscape, video, installation, painting, sculpture, photography, printing and assemblage, exhibited to the community in a remote regional location.

Star-picket is inspired by the astronomical translations of the night sky in relation to seasonal land management activity and physical pathways, through oral histories by Indigenous Traditional Owners and Elders in both the Central West NSW, and Lake Mungo NSW. Artists intend to investigate these aspects in a series of workshops and field trips located in the Central West NSW and Lake Mungo NSW.

Interpretations of sky stories will be discussed, and the relationship to land pathways, and farming practices with relativity to flora+ fauna and travel routes. The artists will disseminate this information in their studios with a exhibition programmed for 2018.

Research will be presented by Trevor Leman PhD Researcher, Wiradjuri Cultural Astronomy Project, University of New South Wales, School of Humanities & Languages and Larry Towney – Senior Lands officer Central Tablelands Local Land Services, NSW. Read more…

Consultation with the artists, curators, scientists and traditional knowledge holders will be documented throughout the process prior and post field trips. All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols will be managed by Aleshia Lonsdale, the Aboriginal Arts Development Officer at Arts OutWest and Larry Towney, the Senior Lands officer Central Tablelands Local Land Services NSW.

Star-picket is a continuum of artistic development at the CORRIDOR project, working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and related professionals on a cultural connections program developed in 2013 in conjunction with the Greater Eastern Ranges, Kanangra Boyd to Wyangala initiative. Workshops and exhibitions to date included in this program are River dreaming 2013, Traditional fire management 2013, Media and film training 2015, Cowra corroboree 2015, Cowra corroboree schools day, Orange Weavers 2016, Traditional dance 2016 facilitated by Di Nicholls Old Mapoon, and the COOL BURN exhibition 2016.

On February 18-19, 2017 Virginia Hilyard  from Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) the University of Sydney, and Trevor Lehman (UNSW) held professional development workshops in field recording and Wiradjuri astronomy located at the CORRIDOR project. The invaluable knowledge acquired by the artists has led to new experimentation within their artistic practice and professional development. We would like to acknowledge the presentations by Virginia and Trevor and support from Regional Arts NSW, and Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), the University of Sydney for the loan of equipment to artists attending the Soundscape workshops.

Read more on the CORRIDOR Project website:

The night sky really does seem to be where it’s at right now. Also funded by the Regional Arts Fund is Big Skies Collaboration’s ‘Skywriters’ and ‘Art of Wiradjuri’ projects (Arts OutWest is a Big Skies Collaboration project partner and received the funding for these components). Meanwhile ABC Open is calling for photos of the night sky for their ‘Stargazing’ project. look to the skies people!

Image courtesy The CORRIDOR Project.



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