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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Sign the #Recognise Artists As Workers Campaign


NAVA invites you to add your name to the open letter calling on the Federal Government to establish a legislated Award for visual arts, craft and design and introduce or trial a basic income scheme for artists and arts workers as part of the new National Cultural Policy.

The write:

We will take your support to the Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and Minister for the Arts, calling on him to honour his commitment to support artists as workers.

Rather than establishing a legal framework in the new National Cultural Policy, NAVA has heard of discussions to include an ombudsman type structure within the Australia Council for artists and arts workers to report payment complaints against federally funded organisations.

We are concerned that this proposal not only draws arts funding away from artists and organisations to duplicate the function of the Fair Work Commission, but will contribute to division within a precariously underfunded sector and will do nothing to resolve payment discrepencies.

A legislated Award is the only way to ensure visual artists and arts workers across the entire sector are paid for their work, and paid decently.

We ask that you sign and share this petition with your colleagues, friends and family. Showing public support for an Award, and backing it up with compelling numbers and committed advocacy is how we will improve the fundamental conditions of work and practice.