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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Shows, films and tours on offer


A selection of current offerings for those looking for content including a film available for screening and a touring theatre show.

1. Dig Deeper

We are excited to announce the launch of the compelling documentary, DIG DEEPER, directed by Mark Street and produced by Fiona Cochrane in collaboration with First Nations artists Maree Clarke, Blak Douglas, Ben McKeown, and Penny Evans. We would like to extend an invitation to your gallery or arts venue to host its own screening of this insightful film. This initiative is in collaboration with FanForce, which aims to bring important narratives closer to the audiences who need to see them.

Watch the trailer HERE.

About the Documentary:

DIG DEEPER is a a 50-minute journey into the lives, stories, and artworks of four renowned First Nations artists. These artists – Blak Douglas, Maree Clarke, Penny Evans, and Ben McKeown – depict not only their culture but also their dual heritage, which often remains untapped and overlooked in the broader artistic community.

The documentary candidly explores their creative avenues and the challenges and emotions they grapple with. It questions how they confront their past, and how their passion translates into their work.

The film follows:

  • Blak Douglas on the cusp of winning the Archibald Prize, with his work seamlessly transitioning from captivating colours to striking confrontations.
  • Maree Clarke engrossed in the monumental Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project, poised to be Australia’s most significant urban art installation.
  • Penny Evans gearing up for the grand unveiling of her major work at the National Gallery of Australia.
  • And Ben McKeown, post a heart-wrenching heart attack, making a powerful comeback for the coveted $25,000 Selzer prize.

In essence, DIG DEEPER is not just about the art these artists create but the layers of stories, experiences, and emotions that lie beneath.

Your Opportunity:

Hosting the film would not only be a treat for your members and visitors but can also align with a commitment to showcasing diverse voices and powerful narratives.

As a part of this collaboration with FanForce, we offer a seamless process, from the delivery of the documentary to assistance with promotions, ensuring a successful event for your audience.

If you would like to book a screening, you can simply fill out THIS FORM. I would be more than happy to provide additional information, answer any questions, or discuss this further.


Danielle, Operations Manager

E:  P: 02 9698 7173 /


2. Noel Coward

A solo show about the great Noel Coward; a sparkling entertainment full of his songs, brilliance and wit, and perfect for older audiences.
It is very warmly received wherever I present it, and is economical to present, needing only a piano and mic.
I would love to play it in regional centres.

John Martin, pianist/singer/entertainer.
0439 607115