Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Share your thoughts on a new National Cultural Policy


The Australian Government is developing a new cultural policy for the decade ahead. Anyone involved in or interested in our nation’s arts, entertainment and cultural sector is encouraged to have their say.

This new policy will be shaped by the diverse voices of the Australian arts, entertainment and cultural sector around the 5 goals of Creative Australia which have been distilled to the following pillars:

  • First Nations: recognising and respecting the crucial place of these stories at the centre of our arts and culture.
  • A place for every story: reflecting the diversity of our stories and the contribution of all Australians as the creators of culture.
  • The centrality of the artist: supporting the artist as worker and celebrating their role as the creators of culture.
  • Strong institutions: providing support across the spectrum of institutions which sustain our arts and culture.
  • Reaching the audience: ensuring our stories reach the right people at home and abroad.

A public town hall meeting will be held in Bathurst on Friday 5 August.