Scott ‘Sauce’ Towney artwork now a coin

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The most enormous congratulations to Peak Hill artist Scott ‘Sauce’ Towney whose artwork now features on an exclusive collectible coin from the Australian mint.

The artwork was originally developed as part of the Big Skies Collaboration, supported by the Regional Arts Fund.

About the new collectible coin:

Star Dreaming – Emu in the Sky

Aboriginal elders teach that everything on the land is reflected in the sky. One of the most widespread Aboriginal constellations across Australia is the great Emu in the Sky. Instead of a constellation of bright stars, it is a silhouette traced by the dark spaces in the Milky Way, stretching from the Southern Cross to Sagittarius.
The majesty and wonder of the Emu in the Sky constellation is captured in the art of Wiradjuri artist Scott Towney, on this stunning silver uncirculated coin, the first in the Star Dreaming series.

Available now from the Australian mint:
See the video about the coin

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