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Overcome 2021
A curated exhibition of work from artists in the Arts OutWest region

A curated exhibition of work from artists in the Arts OutWest region

/oʊvəˈkʌm/ (say ohvuh’kum)
verb (overcame, overcome, overcoming)

–verb (t) 1. to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; conquer; defeat.
2. to prevail over (opposition, objections, temptations, etc.).
3. to surmount (difficulties, etc.).
4. to overpower (a person, etc.) in body or mind, or affect in an overpowering or paralysing way, as liquor, a drug, excessive exertion, violent emotion, or the like does.
–verb (i) 5. to gain the victory; conquer.
–adjective 6.
a. rendered helpless to do or say anything as a result of physical weakness or emotional strain.
b. pleasantly surprised: oh, I’m all overcome.
(Macquarie Dictionary)

Whether it be through the emotion associated with being overcome, the current situation in Australia of appearing to have come through the worst of the Covid pandemic, or the personal challenges with which artists have to contend, we are all familiar with the idea of ‘overcome’.

This exhibition has invited a group of artists from across the region to show their own interpretation of what ‘overcome’ means to them.
Curated by Bridget Thomas working with Arts OutWest’s Steven Cavanagh, the work from this group of artists will be shown at Tremain’s Mill in Bathurst from 28 May – 6 June with the opening to be held on Friday evening 28 May.

As a lead-up to the exhibition, Bridget will run workshops with several organisations in the community who help people to overcome the challenges they face in areas such as disability. These groups will be making banners for the exhibition.

We are also inviting performers to contribute their own response to the concept of overcome as part of the event.
This project is made possible through Restart funds from Create NSW to assist the arts to recover from the impacts of Covid-19 and is one of several projects that Arts OutWest is delivering with these funds.

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Steven Cavanagh
Arts & Health Projects

A curated exhibition of work from artists in the Arts OutWest region.

Location: Bathurst

When: 2021

Funded by: The NSW Government’s Art Restart

Partnering with: Tremains Mill

Workshop facilitator: Bridget Thomas

Curated by: Bridget Thomas and Steven Cavanagh

Artists: 12 artists

Image by Chelsea Feilding