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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW
tanya stevens
Kew-Y-Ahn Aboriginal Gallery exhibiting artist

Artist statement:

“Our family on my Mother’s side is originally from Megalong Valley, Gundungurra tribe. My Mother has Aboriginal on her side of the family and on my Father’s side I have Irish.

I have been painting since I was young but only now have decided to put my work out. I really enjoy painting and expressing myself with all the colours you can see in my paintings. I can get quite colourful with my artwork.

I am finding more time to paint as my children get older. I love experimenting with different textures. We are descendants of the Water Dragon people, Gundungurra, and I will be looking to incorporate my tribes land (the Blue Mountains) into my paintings as much as I can. I feel a deep connection to the land when I get back to where our family are from and I want to share this with the world as much as possible. The Blue Mountains are truly magical.“

[updated March 2024]


Contact the artist: Contact via the gallery.