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artstate bathurst
2018: With Regional Arts NSW and Bathurst Regional Council we hosted Artstate Bathurst in 2018. Part conversation, part arts festival. One of four events across the state over four years.

Artstate Bathurst 2018: A Sense of Place & Robust Regions

We had a ball and the response across the state was amazing. We’d like to thank some very special people for all their joy and hard work.

For all archived Artstate Bathurst information and program:

Congratulations and thanks to Regional Arts NSW on a successful and exciting Artstate Bathurst 2018! Especially CEO and Executive Producer, Elizabeth Rogers.

A huge thank you to funding partners:

  • Create NSW
    especially Minister for the Arts, the Hon. Don Harwin MLC.
  • Destination NSW
  • Bathurst Regional Council

 Thank you to Bathurst and Wiradyuri Community Elders. Above all Artstate Bathurst maintained a priority to engage with First Nations peoples and Aboriginal Arts practitioners and organisations as an integral part of the regional arts landscape.

 Thank you to our brilliant Festival Director Adam Deusien and Opening Ceremony Director Becky Russell. Thank you to the production team for their hard work and professional support.

 Thank you to our wonderful Keynote Speakers:

Jonathan Jones
Frith Walker
Jack Archer
Kresanna Aigner

Thank you to all the speakers, delegates, artists and performers.

Thank you for providing these great venues and programs:

  • Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre
  • Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
  • Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum
  • Chifley Home
  • National Motor Racing Museum
  • Tremain’s Mill
  • Majellan Bowling Club
  • Walshaw Hall
  • The Carrington
  • Machattie Park
  • Kings Parade & Courthouse

…and finally, we’d like to thank Bathurst and the people of this great city for hosting this amazing festival of art!

Artstate Bathurst 2018 Speakers Program themes

 A Sense of Place: Regional arts practice responding to culture and landscapes and Robust Regions: Exploring the contribution of arts to regional communities.

The 4 day arts festival and speakers program ran from Thursday 1 November to Sunday 4 November 2018

In talking about A Sense of Place, how do artists respond to the landscapes and communities in which they live? What stories do they tell? Does this make a difference to their practice?

The second strong theme that emerged from Artstate Lismore 2017 was “the interdisciplinarity of arts practice and partnerships throughout regional NSW. The arts are integrated in rural and remote areas within the community, traversing the barriers and silos that can be built around specialist areas of expertise and disciplines in more populated areas.”

The arts are integrated in rural and remote areas within the community, traversing the barriers and silos that can be built around specialist areas of expertise and disciplines in more populated areas.

Under the theme Robust Regions, we explored the contribution that the arts make to regional and rural communities. What is the secret ingredient that causes some places to thrive and become desirable places to live and work, while others struggle? Who are the community drivers? How are the collaborations and partnerships developed and maintained over the longer term? What is the role of the artist?

Artstate Bathurst Regional Art Exhibition: My Own Backyard

Commissioned as part of Artstate Bathurst’s Arts Program, My Own Backyard, is an exhibition reflecting the variety and quality of artists who have made this wonderful region ‘their own backyard’.


The exhibition opened Wednesday 31 October 2018 at Tremains Mill, 11 Keppel Street, Bathurst.

My Own Backyard is a collection of work representing the Arts OutWest region, covering 11 local government areas in the NSW central west.

Just as our region varies from locations that are on the periphery of western Sydney through to areas that are classified as remote, the work in this exhibition shows not only a range of artforms and styles, but a spread of approaches and interpretations that have grown from experiences both in and beyond this region.

Artists have chosen to live and work in our region, away from major metropolitan centres, for many reasons. The space and place that regional life offers can in many ways be an enabler in helping people find their way of working, but it is also vital that regional location is not a barrier to the opportunities that regional artists need.

My Own Backyard celebrates the artistic achievements of our regional artists and demonstrates the excellence that we find in our visual arts sector.

Exhibiting artists:

  • Lino Alvarez Carrasco
  • Ros Auld
  • Freya Blackwood
  • Bev Coe
  • Sue Daley
  • Greg Daly
  • Rachel Ellis
  • Joy Engelman
  • Fullerton Design
  • Victor Gordon
  • Anne Graham
  • Ken Hutchinson
  • Paul McKnight
  • Bill Moseley
  • Irene Ridgeway
  • Paddy Robinson
  • Luke Sciberras
  • Street Dreams Project with Henry and Joe Simmons
  • Rosemary Valadon
  • Peter Wilson
State-wide art conversation and program came to Bathurst.

Location: Bathurst

When: 2018

Funded by: Create NSW

Partnering with: Created by Regional Arts NSW, supported by Bathurst Regional Council, Destination NSW

Images: Opening event and exhibition- Steven Cavanagh; other images – Katelyn Jane Dunn.