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aboriginal cultural TOURISM
Supporting the development of new Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences for visitors

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this page may contain the images, names and words of people who are now deceased.

In our strategic plan Aboriginal cultural tourism development is a key priority in terms of both:

  • Cultural tourism
  • Aboriginal arts development

1. Continue curating work by Aboriginal arts from the NSW central west region for Kew-Y-Ahn Gallery in the Hartley Historic Precinct, in partnership with National Parks and Wildlife Services.

2. Create showcases for Aboriginal artists within the region.

3. Make links to organisations outside the region to offer opportunities to Aboriginal artists.

4. Provide professional development opportunities in art-form development, promotion and
business skills

5. Offer platforms for networking and sharing opportunities

6. Build the profile of Aboriginal arts through sharing success stories over a range of media.


1. Create material that showcases the region’s culture to tourists

2. Create partnerships with providers and promoters of tourism

3. Partner on events and projects that provide outcomes in building cultural tourism

4. Create networks that support cultural tourism.

what’s happening

Through our cultural tourism scoping and ongoing conversations with local groups we have identified first nations and Aboriginal cultural experiences as an exciting and major opportunity for development.

We are currently working with local Aboriginal groups and cultural tourism experts on trailored training and product development and regional plans.

‘Aboriginal Experiences’ is one of the five special maps on our Culture Maps Central NSW site.

We also curate the art works at Kew-Y-Ahn Aboriginal Gallery in partnership with NPWS.

For more information contact Aleshia Lonsdale, our Aboriginal Arts Development Officer (details below).

AOW headshots 2024_230124_0012
Aleshia Lonsdale
Aboriginal Arts Development Officer
Working with local communities to develop new, sustainable, authentic  Aboriginal cultural experiences for visitors.

Location: Regional

When: 2020 onwards

Funded by: The Australian Government’s IVAIS (Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support)

Project officer: Aleshia Lonsdale, Aboriginal Arts Development Officer

Image: Screen printing skills workshop at Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre Forbes in 2020. Photo: