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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Freya Blackwood’s collaboration with Legs on the Wall


The imagery of award winning Orange-based illustrator Freya Blackwood is a part of the new Australia production ‘Beetle’.

A new Australian classic, Beetle tells the story of a child who finds a friend in her backyard; together they embark on an adventure to search for the now elusive Christmas Beetle. The magic of the bush habitat is brought to life through Legs On The Wall’s trademark physical storytelling, and animation created from original artworks by beloved children’s author and illustrator Freya Blackwood. A tale of resilience and hope, Beetle reminds young audiences that there’s an important place in the world for all of us.

The play features the Illustrations of Freya Blackwood.

The play opened in Townsville as part of the North Australian Festival of Arts and then heads to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s hoped it will tour in Australia later on.

More about the play.

IMAGE: Legs on the Wall