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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW
Funding opportunities for arts and creative activities
Arts OutWest is a service organisation rather than a funding body (although we do administer some annual small grants programs).
  • We provide advice and information about arts funding (phone, email, in person)
  • We help connect people in our region to funding opportunities
  • We assist people to navigate funding applications
  • We write letters of support for applications
  • We run funding and grant writing workshops
  • We can auspice (financially manage) funding for suitable groups and artists. See our auspicing policy.

Below are some of the latest arts funding opportunities available to people in our region. Follow us on Facebook for opportunities as soon as they become available.

funding opportunities
NAVA: $10,000 Carstairs Grant

Closes 22 October 2023. The Carstairs Grant aims to support socially-engaged art projects that embrace participatory and collaborative experiences and bring participants into active dialogue with the artist/s in order to involve audiences beyond the art community.

Volunteer Grants Program (Calare electorate)

Closes 22 September, 2023. The latest round of the Volunteer Grants Program is open for eligible not-for-profit community organisations, with $66,225 being allocated to the Calare electorate for the region’s wonderful volunteers!

Community Infrastructure Grants

Closes 21 August & 18 December, 2023. Community organisations across the state are encouraged to apply for funding under the NSW Government’s Infrastructure Grants program to enhance local services and improve residents’ quality of life.

M&GNSW Skills Development Grants

Closes 29 October 2023.Skills Development Grants provide funding to volunteer museums and museum networks for regional or state focused skill development training and networking events.

M&GNSW Leg Up Grants

Closes 29 October or when funds are exhausted. Quick response skill development grants for workers in volunteer managed museums and Aboriginal cultural spaces throughout NSW.

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Disaster assistance in NSW

If your business has been affected either directly or indirectly by the recent floods or other disasters (ie gas outage, landslides, road closures, flash flooding, slow rising waters etc) and this is having an impact on your ability to operate…