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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

New way to submit your events to What’s On


New submission process for Arts OutWest’s What’s On calendar. Get your event listed, into our media rounds and Infront of eyes across the region.

You probably know that Arts OutWest lists around 2000 arts and cultural events every year at our online What’s On – but did you know that you can load your events up yourself, for free?

We’ve set up a new process for listing your events at our online What’s On as part of changes to how we manage this ever-popular resource.

In short: In 2023 we are transitioning to DIY system for entering content for the What’s On

👉 Read on for how it works and what you need to do.

What is ‘What’s On’?

Arts OutWest has run our free program promoting arts and cultural events across the NSW Central West for nearly 50 years as part of our core service to our 12 partner local councils – although it’s only one part of what we do as a regional arts development organisation. The promotion activities are based around our What’s On – and will continue to be.

What’s On is an online calendar of arts, heritage and cultural events with images, contact details, ticketing links, Google maps, and all kinds of search functions. It’s updated constantly.

The What’s On page is the most accessed part of our website, with hundreds of hits and searches per day. It has a very good rate of organic traffic (from search engines).

Our communications staff also liberally mine it for content for our regular radio spots (ABC Central West, 2BS, 2MCE, MMM Central West, Orange Community Broadcasters, 2LT), social media posts and print editorial.  We know that lots of local media use What’s On as their go-to for local arts content.

We also link across to What’s On from the visitor focused Culture Maps Central NSW website.

Basically, listing your arts, cultural and heritage events with us is really useful. And it’s FREE.
We love that we can provide this resource to the region.

What’s listed?

Arts, culture and heritage activities:
visual arts (all mediums)
crafts (all kinds)
circus/ physical theatre
screen / film
STEAM and design
museums and heritage
Aboriginal culture

Types of events:
film screenings
gigs and live performance
arts and crafts markets
regular classes
meetings or gatherings
special events

We list one-off events and regular activities; local and touring content; free and ticketed events; things from the commercial and from the community/ not-for profit sectors; big and small. The whole range.
Take a look at what’s currently listed

where has the content come from?

Currently, event listings are emailed directly to us or we search for them on tourism lists, social media or websites of key presenters/ venues.

As you can imagine that is a lot of events, a lot of data entry – and a LOT of places to look – for our very small team of part-time staff.

how are things changing?

We updated the online What’s On to allow you to add events yourselves. A DIY system.
We’ve been quietly trialing it and it works really well.
When you DIY (do it yourself):

  • Your events are listed sooner
  • They reach more people because listings are up for longer
  • You can choose the exact text, images etc.

We provide the platform to amplify your message.

As an extra incentive:

  • All DIY submitted events are ‘featured’ on the What’s On website
  • We’ll highlight some of the DIY submitted events on our social media (great pictures, high res, without text on them prefered for this).

what do YOU need to do?
  • If you already use the online form 👉 Thank you!
  • If you already send your events to us (eg by email, enews or tagging us on social media) 👉 we would love for you to try out the DIY form and add this to your regular list of marketing tasks.
  • If you don’t normally send in your events (even if you know we list them) 👉 we’d love you to give it a go.
  • If you run a venue and prefer to let hirers or visiting artists do their own promotions 👉 please pass this info on to them to add it to their marketing tasks.
how easy is it? super easy!

We use the same calendar web tool as many of the local tourism offices/ councils (we also strongly recommend you list your events with them too – find links to each here).

The online form is very user friendly. Just cut and paste your text, choose your times, dates and venue, include any ticketing links, tick a few boxes, add a picture and submit.  Takes about 1-2 minutes.

We do recommend uploading from a desktop rather than a mobile.


  1. Check What’s On and use the search fields to see if your event is already listed (if it is and you’d like to change it let us know)
  2. SUBMIT YOUR EVENTS HERE (Bookmark this link for future use)
  3. Listings are manually approved by the Arts OutWest team before publication, to filter out spam (we work Monday-Friday)



Do I need a login, account or membership? Do I need to pay?
No sign ups required. And it’s free.

What area does What’s On cover?
Events should be happening in the local government areas of Bathurst Region, Blayney, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, Lachlan, Lithgow, Mid-Western Region, Oberon, Orange, Parkes, Weddin.

What photos can I add to a listing?
You can add ONE image to each event.
If you have entry forms or other documents to include please email them through.
A reminder: When uploading events promotors are asked to only include their own original images, images that they have permission to use, or copyright free stock images. For more information see our fact sheet on Using Images For Promoting Events.

What if my venue isn’t listed?
In the venue field select ‘AAA My venue is not listed’ and provide the venue details (including address) in your description text and we’ll add it at our end. It will then be on the list next time you add an event.

What if my event is not time limited, it’s a regular/ ongoing exhibition or display?
Museums, galleries, arts and crafts retail places that always have content on show are listed at Culture Maps Central NSW. Check the maps for your venue and let us know of any updates.

Does Arts OutWest still want emails with media releases, opportunities and news stories?
Yes please! We can use these on the website and enews (but please also list the event itself).

How do you make cancellations/ changes?
Just email us at (again, this will happen during business hours).

How will I know if the listing worked?
You’ll see this message:

What if I have tech issues submitting an event?
Please email us at

Can I still send in events the old way?
Yes, for now you can, this will be a year-long process.

Thanks so much!

We look forward to seeing your upcoming event listings popping up for us to approve. Please let us know how the process goes for you or if you have any problems.

The Arts OutWest team

Contact us:
Phone: 02 6338 4657 
(If we’re not by the phone please leave a voice mail message)

The fine print: Arts OutWest What’s On Terms of use:
1. Event listings must be for the local government areas of Bathurst Region, Blayney, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, Lachlan, Lithgow, Mid-Western Region, Oberon, Orange, Parkes, Weddin
2. Events must be directly arts, culture or heritage related
3. Images submitted are owned by the organisers, or the organisers have express permission to use these images. Please include artist and artwork credits (if relevant) and photographer credit.
3. All submissions will go to Arts OutWest for approval before publishing and may be checked or edited.
4. Organisers must let Arts OutWest know of any event changes or cancellations.

📸 Header image: Safety of Life at Sea perform at The Foundations Portland for Arts OutWest’s Live & Kicking program in 2022. Photo: Carolyn Hide (Cazeil Creative).