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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

MusicNSW Launch The Regional Touring Network (RTN)


MusicNSW announces its game-changing new tour-planning platform The Regional Touring Network – a powerful map-based tool designed to get artists back in the tour van, and playing to brand new audiences all across the state! Check it out at 

“It’s a direct outcome of our Regional Music Officer program, something we’ve been working on for a long time, and hope it will be a valuable tool to help regional artists grow their audiences and continue to thrive in regional areas,” said MusicNSW’s Laura Murdoch.

“It’s is a powerful map-based route-building tool that offers standardised venue information and intuitive planning functionality, removing roadblocks that have traditionally been associated with regional tour planning. It provides both regional and metro-based artists with new opportunities for audience development, artistic growth and live experience, while nourishing the state’s regional music ecosystem as it builds back from fire, floods and a gruelling pandemic.”

If you have a venue to add or update there is a form on the site to do this.