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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Music NSW Sound Advice


MusicNSW has launched Sound Advice, a series of free online events from 10 July – 21 August designed to unlock the secrets to successful touring.

From acclaimed artists sharing their journeys to industry networking and best practice promo strategies, these sessions offer invaluable insights for anyone looking to hit the road.
Sound Advice: Regional Touring Panels, Talks, and Masterclasses:
1. How We Got Here: Hockey Dad – 10 July, 6pm
2. On the Road: Approaches to Regional Touring – 17 July, 6pm
3. The Mix: Regional Music Industry Networking – 24 July, 6pm
4. Local to Global: Social Media Strategies for Artists – 7 August, 6pm
5. Get On Air: Radio Promo for Your Tour – 14 August, 6pm
6. Inside Festivals: Intel from Curators – 21 August, 6pm