Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Music Keeper and Crew Keeper Grants


In response to the additional funding announced by the Australian Government through the Office for the Arts on 25 March, Support Act has announced a new category of crisis relief funding called “MusicKeeper” and “CrewKeeper”.

As the names suggest, these one off cash grants of $2,000 ($2,700 for families with dependent children) are intended to cushion the blow for artists, crew and music workers from all genres who have been receiving Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payments and who remain largely unable to earn income due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

These grants are not a replacement for Jobkeeper and Jobseeker (and you do not have to have been receiving Jobkeeper or Jobseeker to apply) but we hope they will continue to provide applicants with the ability to pay the rent/mortgage, put food on the table, keep connected by paying power or phone bills, registering or servicing the car, paying medical expenses and so on.

See their website for all the details and application process