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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Micro Grant stories: Speak Up!

Lucy Kirk runs performing arts activities for kids. Her Arts OutWest Micro Grant allowed her to build an online poetry and drama writing competition for regional kids.

Lucy used an Arts OutWest Micro Grant to upskill in website design – hiring a professional assist her make a new website. The result is the Speak Up! Central West NSW Online Speech and Drama Competition which ran 1-2 August this year.

See the site, competition and entries here

What did you do with the funds from your Arts OutWest Micro Grant?

With the generous funds from Arts OutWest, I invested in building a website that allowed me to host an online speech and drama competition for kids in the Central West. The funds were put towards the cost of website hosting which was an immediate expense in the development of the website and in turn, the competition. Although the competition is to be hosted on the 1st and 2nd of August, the website is up and running and allows children to register for events and discover what ‘Speak Up’ is all about. More specifically, the cost of a premium website plan that allowed me host a domain name cost $34 per month, which, for a total of six months equates to $204, which the micro grant from Arts OutWest covered.

I would like to thank Arts OutWest for their generous contribution that has allowed this event to go ahead.


What were the benefits gained from your Arts OutWest Micro Grant and how did it help you or others during the Covid-19 crisis?

Due to social gathering restrictions brought upon by the Covid-19 crisis, a number of eisteddfods across the Central West and the CWA Public Speaking Competition were cancelled or restricted in some way.

‘Speak Up’ is allowing children who would have otherwise missed out on performing this year to perform in a competitive online platform, helping to keep kids interested in the Arts Industry.

Many children who struggle with geographical isolation in the Central West may not before have had the opportunity to participate in an eisteddfod. These kids now have the chance to do so from their own homes, allowing them an equal opportunity to discover their artistic talents. ‘Speak Up’ is aiming to bring people together and celebrate the hidden talent across the Central West, while also helping to support rural charities and organisations who may also be struggling in this time.