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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Lyn Coleiro creates beautiful art and a beautiful life

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My Inspiration comes from my home and the bush land that it nestles in. I wanted to create something that reflects my passion for the beauty of the natural landscape surrounding me.

I am in awe of the beauty of Hill End and the Tambaroora countryside, Wiradjuri country.

I use ethically sourced natural fibre, silk, and merino wool to create wearable art. Harnessing natural elements from the bush, including windfall leaves, bark, branches, and gum nuts, I create unique, original prints on fabric. Using only natural eco-friendly products, I bring out the colours and patterns hidden within the foliage, working in conjunction with the various seasons.

Aminya Botanical Design

Each item is original, a piece of art, created by nature. Hours of work goes into creating each piece. Collecting and arranging the foliage, bundling tightly onto sticks, and simmering for hours over an open fire. Each bundle reveals its own unique mystery when unrolled. This is by far my favourite part in the process.


Lyn Coleiro

I am Sydney born, living a large part of my life at the foot of the Blue Mountains. On a weekend away I discovered Hill End. It instantly drew me into its incredible beauty. The amazing light, vast bush land, and the feeling of being one with nature.

My partner, Renee and I decided to make the tree change, to rest our lives by moving to a peaceful, creative, country life, buying an off grid, stone cottage in Tambaroora, two kilometres from the village of Hill End. It connects us both with the beauty of the land and gives us an appreciation of being able to live a much simpler, more sustainable life, with a much smaller footprint on the earth.

Thirteen years ago, when we moved to our property in Tambaroora, we decided to name it Aminya, which in the Aboriginal language means quiet.