Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Local casting call out


NOW CLOSED. For August live event. Calling all local actors! An interactive crime and mystery theatre show is coming to the region and is looking for actors to audition for a number of key roles.

Dark Stories Theatre will be bringing these two shows to the region, and there are three paid roles currently auditioning:

The Haunting in Bathurst 19th & 20th August:

Father Williams – A kind-hearted but mysterious priest who guides members of the audience through various stages of the performance. Invigorating and a bit of an oddball. If you are interested in auditioning please email as soon as possible to arrange and audition piece and timeslot.

Confessions of a Serial Killer in Orange from 26th-28th August:

Ivan – intelligent, cunning, charming and ruthless but with a humorous side. He flips from jovial to psychotic then back again to crack jokes. He loves his work and relishes every detail of it, believing he is unstoppable. He sees others as his toys or pawns to obey him or be violently discarded.

Mark – Ivan’s friends but betrays him by beginning a relationship with his wife Alice. Despite his betrayal of Ivan, he is very trusting of others including Ivan and thinks he’s clever enough to get away with his deception. He has a dark past and sees Alice as his redemption.