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Job: Macquarie Correctional Centre seeking art teacher

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Macquarie Correctional Centre (in Wellington) is seeking an Art Teacher for 1 day per week. Can be any day of the week preferably  MON- FRI  but could  potentially be on a weekend.

Their inmate classes are run in two cohorts. Morning group  is from 8.30am until 11 am and the afternoon group is from 12.30 until 3pm. The  class is a maximum of approx. 12 inmates but is often much less.

The inmates skill levels range from beginner to quite advanced. Art Classes are currently inmate led with our own inmates being paid to teach the other inmates.

Macquarie Correctional Centre has a great history of producing excellent art  and developing artists from their Art Program at Macquarie CC and they want that to continue to do that, but are at a stage where they need  some professional tutoring and guidance for our students. Macquarie Correctional Centre have previously been fortunate enough to have two very skilled inmate artists to ensure the program’s success but they are progressing  in classification and have to transfer to another Centre.

The  person would have to be double vaccinated and pass a CRI ( criminal) check. Formal qualifications are not  a requirement but obviously they would like someone who can teach techniques etc. Macquarie Correctional Centre supply all the required materials and equipment.

Macquarie Correctional Centre would like to extend an invitation for any interested persons to attend the Centre, have a coffee in the inmate led Café,  take  a tour of the Centre and  art studio and classroom,  view murals and  artworks and potentially meet the inmate artists.


Rhonda Jacobson

Senior Correctional Officer

Desistance Programs

Macquarie Correctional Centre

Who is happy to receive a phone call on 0268455616 or  email. .