Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

JAM Orange want your feedback


JAM Orange want to know what they’re doing well and what they could do better.

In 2019 JAM Orange held a public meeting to consult with its members and interested people in the community. They wanted to find out what they were doing well and what they could do better. Based on the feedback they developed a three-year plan to prioritize their activities up to 2022.
Some of things JAM Orange have been able to deliver from this plan include:
  • Providing a streamlined membership application process
  • Offering increased benefits for members
  • Enhancing our social media presence
  • Publishing a monthly members’ newsletter
  • Organising regular “Old timey jams”
  • Offering music and skills workshops
  • Planning for a weekend music festival
  • Revitalising and increasing the number of our monthly Open Mic Nights