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Generous grant to fund professional cast album recording for ‘Intertwined’


– Local director, composer, and producer Lusi Austin is elated to announce the receipt of a $6,500 grant from The Bruce and Margaret Weir Trust, dedicated to funding the professional cast album recording for her play, ‘Intertwined.’

Media release Dec 2023

This Australian theatrical work explores the interconnected lives of three characters bound by the common thread of Cowra. Through dialogue often inspired by first-hand accounts, musical interludes, and visual displays, the audience is immersed in the profound legacy of the Cowra POW Breakout.

‘Intertwined’ delves into the lives of its characters, addressing themes of identity, peace, and forgiveness, against the backdrop of World War II. The play is a poignant exploration of the similarities and differences in the lives of its protagonists, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with audiences. Scheduled to be performed at the Cowra Civic Centre on July 26, 27, and 28, 2024, ‘Intertwined’ will serve as an anchor point for the official commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the Cowra POW Breakout. Special school performances and workshops are also planned, adding an educational dimension to the cultural event.

Personally connected to the historical event, the Weir family’s matriarch, Mrs. May Weir, demonstrated extraordinary compassion by offering scones and tea to hungry Japanese
POW escapees in the aftermath of the Breakout. Acts of kindness at a grassroots level, such as this, have left an indelible mark on Cowra and the broader Australia-Japan relationship.

The production of “Intertwined” aims to share the message of peace and kindness embodied by the Weir family’s history with a new audience and potentially a new generation.
The Bruce and Margaret Weir Trust’s grant for Intertwined will facilitate the recording and production of a professionally recorded cast album, overseen by Kris Schubert, a
distinguished composer, songwriter, performing musician, and producer based in O’Connell in Central West NSW. Kris expressed his excitement, stating, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this incredible project and am looking forward to recording in Cowra!” The recording is scheduled to take place in February 2024.

Of the recording of the album, Lusi Austin says, “it will be of great benefit to preserve the music, lyrics, and performances of the production for posterity. It will help to preserve the
artistic work, allowing future generations to experience and appreciate the original performances long after the live shows have ended. Most importantly, a professionally recorded album will provide an opportunity for young undiscovered talent to be launched into the music world. I am so grateful to the Bruce and Margaret Weir Trust for supporting projects such as this.”

The entire “Intertwined” cast, comprising three leads, two understudies, an ensemble of ten, and a band of four Central West musicians, are dedicated to and enthusiastic about this opportunity.

“Intertwined” promises to be a landmark cultural event, merging history, theatre, and music to tell a story that transcends time. The Bruce and Margaret Weir Trust’s generous
contribution ensures the preservation of this powerful narrative through a professionally produced cast album.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Lusi Austin, Lemon Tea Theatre

Image: Cast in rehearsal in Feb 2024/ Helen Carpenter