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After a sold-out premiere in Dubbo and a sold-out run at the Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills, this feature length eco-documentary, is coming to the BMEC on August 3 and the Odeon 5 Cinema Orange on August 6.
Following the Flow tells the story of the once-mighty Macquarie Wambool River. A river detached from its natural ability to self-regulate, completely in the hands of humanity. A river that is somehow both the soul of the towns it passes through and an oft-forgotten footnote to their story. To explore that relationship, the Following the Flow filmmakers met with people. And if there’s one thing the Macquarie River has in spades it is people with a passion for it. Historians, First Nations people, ecologists, small business owners, water managers, farmers and fishers all with a story to tell.

Following the Flow sets out to tell the story of the river, shaped by humans, but instead found the story of humans, shaped by the river.

A compelling documentary narrated by passionate urban geographer, spatial scientist, amateur historian and surveyor Jed Coppa, directed by Nicholas Allan (One Last Dance) and edited by award-winning screen editor Emily Clulow (Dis-Connect), Following the Flow is a remarkably intelligent and warm portrait of a place and its people. Bursting with community spirit and truly independent in nature, it is a geographical gem.

Following the Flow brings impassioned storytelling and cinematic vision of our inland waterways together to tell the stories that echo across the Murray-Darling Basin. The film brings life to the often dry and complex, but incredibly important, questions around land and water management. It showcases the harsh beauty and unique characters of rural Australia without shying away from the difficult questions of how we let our rivers end up in their current state and how we might make better decisions in the future.

Jed Coppa, the film’s producer, said that he was “blown away by the state of our inland waterways” when he moved West of the Divide to Orange in 2019. He said that “Following the Flow doesn’t pull any punches. Water management issues are complex and there is no undoing 200 years of destructive practices. I wanted to show that despite this there is still phenomenal beauty out West, not only in our waterways but also in the people that call them home.”

Join the film makers in Bathurst on August 3 and Orange on August 6 for a special screening of Following the Flow with a short Q and A with the filmmakers to follow.

To find out more, book tickets and to view the trailer head to and connect  on social media @followingtheflowfilm on Instagram and Facebook.