Here we are again!
We know it’s hard to find your hustle in these crazy times. Don’t fall into a trap of thinking this is when you have to become a teacher, a yoga guru, 10kg lighter, widely read or even an expert chef. It’s just time for social connectedness, for all of us. It can’t be face to face, but it can be with music!
Momentum wants to bring the music home to you! 🕺🏻💃

Listen to the songs, google the artists, talk about the concerts you’ve seen (and can remember), go and find the photos, dance around, make up some new moves, sing together and mostly CONNECT!

Same as before, from 7pm we will be performing a gig from our living room, the full usual bells and whistles, to any one who wants to watch.
We can make self isolation fun, so make sure you organise a watch party in your household this Saturday night from 7pm! 😊🤘