With all the chaos at the moment, our kids are scared, and they have every right to be. This art class is FREE for absolutely anyone around the country (or globe) that wants to link in. All you need are some crayons / pencils / paints and some paper.

We will be doing an art technique often used in art therapy for kids (note: I am NOT an art therapist, I am an artist and a mum who wants to do something kind for the kids who are having a hard time).

We’ll be drawing a large heart, dividing it into sections and then filling these with different colours. All these colours will symbolise different feelings we are having right now. Red might mean that they’re happy to be spending more time with mum and dad. Blue might be sad because they can’t see their friends. Black because they’re scared. Pink because they get to go on more walks with the dog. Etc until the whole heart is filled. We’ll have time to talk about these different thoughts as well as time to properly colour everything in.

There is no skill needed in this and the class doesn’t take long – maximum 45mins. It’s just about letting kids have a chance to vent and gain some perspective about what is going on. My goal is not to speak about the COVID19 situation, but just to validate their feelings surrounding it by providing a creative outlet.

After you register for your free ticket, we’ll send you a Zoom video link to the class. Event will be held on Zoom, connection details will be emailed separately.