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Emerging Artist Profile

James Sutherland

Born and raised in Orange, James Sutherland is a singer songwriter, whose earliest memories of music come from his mum and dad playing Keith Urban’s albums while cooking dinner, with James and his siblings just sitting and listening. 

Music has remained a part of his life in some shape or form whether listening to the latest Ed Sheeran release or trying to learn an instrument. James first picked up a guitar in 2016 and had written his first song in 2018 at the age of 15.

That song became his debut single “Only Thing”, which he recorded locally at Dotted Eight Studios in Orange and released earlier this year. 2021 has been a year where he has stepped up things in pursuing a musical career, including performing more gigs (when gigging was & is happening). He has been humbled by the attention that his single has received and the positive responses from audiences. Next year James hopes to release an ep and tour around the country.

James has just released his latest single “Brother”. James said “This one is inspired by a good mate of mine who tragically lost his twin brother to suicide earlier in the year. It has never been more important than it is now to look after one another.”  Not only has he written this song in response, he has produced a run of shirts with all proceeds from streams, gigs and merch going to the black dog institute.

You can find James Sutherland Music and Follow him via his website:

Image: Via James Sutherland

This is the first of a series of emerging artist profiles. This profile was written by our Music Industry Support Officer Patrick Coomey.