Dreaming of a Green Christmas

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Support the Pozible campaign: Kris Schubert has brought together Central West musicians to record an album of original Christmas songs.

Kris writes:

In December 2017, alt-country duo Smith & Jones were wrapping up their monthly residency at The Hub in Bathurst. They invited the local musicians who had featured in their shows over the two years they had been playing there to join in.

Being December, we’d organised to play a couple of well known Christmas songs, and finish the evening with Paul Kelly’s How to Make Gravy.

That’s how it started. Blame Paul Kelly.

The room was full of good songwriters. Someone had an original Christmas song – it’d be good to give it an outing. The flood gates were opened. Songwriters reached back into their memories to find songs they’d written but only ever played once or twice – ghosts of Christmas past. It was a great night. Sitting around after the show with a glass of wine, we started thinking about the nature of these songs – only really useable for one month a year, not likely to make it onto a regular album etc… “We should put them all together and make a local Christmas compilation album!”

The idea stuck. Slowly, I began making recordings of the songs that had been played that night, and also fishing around the thriving local music scene to see who else had Christmas songs hidden away, and who might be willing to write one.

Two years later, and here we are. I’ve rounded up a (very) full album’s worth of 18 songs. A wonderful eclectic mix from a broad sample of local songwriters. Blues, pop, soul, rock, folk, country… opera singers, jazz singers, bluegrass singers… guitars, pianos, violas, horn sections, ukuleles. From kids just starting out to songwriters with multiple decades of experience, people getting airplay right now – and even an ARIA winner (that’s Gen)!

Support the campaign here: https://www.pozible.com/project/dreaming-of-a-green-christmas

List of artists:

  1. Gabby Bolt
  2. Safety of Life at Sea
  3. Emily Butler
  4. Abby Smith
  5. Amy Viola
  6. Peter Sadler
  7. Andy Nelson
  8. Cindy Fox
  9. Sweet Revenge
  10. Madi Hodder
  11. Genni Kane
  12. Cameron Love
  13. Claire Wright
  14. Sophie Jones
  15. Yanhadarrambal Jade Flynn
  16. Matt Williamson
  17. Fat Wombat
  18. Smith & Jones

All profits from sales of CDs and Downloads will go to Lifeline Central West. We’ve chosen the name to tie in with the drought, which of course is making Lifeline’s job even harder than it normally would be (and Christmas is their hardest time of year). October is Mental Health Month, so there is a connection there too.

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