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Disaster assistance in NSW

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If your business has been affected either directly or indirectly by the recent floods or other disasters (ie gas outage, landslides, road closures, flash flooding, slow rising waters etc) and this is having an impact on your ability to operate your business and generate an income, you should call a Business Concierge at Service NSW

👉🏼 A concierge will be able to walk you through any funding or immediate aid that may be on offer.
👉🏼 In the likelihood that direct financial support is not immediately available, your business details will be captured and should funding be released the concierge will be able to reach out and provide you relevant information.
Capturing this data may also help in determining where small business pockets of your LGA’s have been heavily impacted and will aid Service NSW in advocating for support for your business community.
As an impacted business owner, please call 13 77 88 and ask to speak directly with a Business Concierge for any assistance that may be available.