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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Destination Central West NSW (DNCW) invites your feedback


Closes 25 January 2023. Destination Central West NSW (DNCW) invites your feedback on the updated draft Central West NSW Destination Management Plan (DMP) 2022 -2030.

This updated version of the DMP has been prepared to:

  • Contribute to the NSW Government’s target to achieve $25 billion in visitor expenditure by 2030
  • Establish a collaborative framework to guide the work of local, regional and state tourism stakeholders to grow, develop and promote the Central West NSW visitor economy to 2030
  • Algin with DMPs prepared for the other six regional NSW Destination Networks.

It should be recognised that the Central West NSW DMP is a plan to guide to grow, develop and promote the Central West NSW region. Local DMPs provide the framework to guide the growth and development of specific destinations and local government areas.

The DMP sets out five strategic objectives and an associated plan of action for the region from 2022 to 2030 to align with the Visitor Economy Strategy 2030, reflect current market trends and address regional priorities.

We invite you to complete a brief survey to capture your final feedback on these objectives and regional priorities. Your feedback will be considered to create a final version of the DMP that will then be submitted to the NSW Government, Minister for Tourism for approval in late January 2022.

You can access the survey through the following link:

The survey will be open from 12 to 25 January (5pm) 2023.

Here is the full document to review: Draft Central West Destination Management Plan 071222