Collective possibilities for contemporary artists in Bathurst area

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STUDIO ONE SEVEN FIVE is an affordable shared studio space for up to 6 contemporary artists offering open studio access where artists can explore, experiment and collaborate.

The communal space has 3 individual rooms and a huge common area with, lounges, work tables, utility sink, and bathroom. There is an additional area where artists can store larger items. There is no mandate of a number of hours an artist must be on site or working. Artists are encouraged to work across all art forms.

STUDIO ONE SEVEN FIVE is not generally open to the public, however we would like the space to be dynamic and collaborative. We encourage artists to use the space to trial works in progress by opening it up to special performances, screenings and invited exhibition events.

Join us at STUDIO ONE SEVEN FIVE shared studio space:

  • 175 George Street, Bathurst
  • Access to huge 150 square meters open studio floor plan
  • 3 large studio rooms
  • Use of all communal tables, communal equipmen
  • Use of open wall space in the studio
  • Entry key access 7 days
  • Utilities – power & water
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Utility sink
  • $55 per week + electricity

To find out more or come for a look, please contact us at the studio:
Steven Cavanagh, Karen Golland and Julian Woods

Front: Julian Woods, Spirit – Life through breath, 2015, digital video projection.
Below left: Steven Cavanagh, This moment in time when the past is asking something of the present and future… 2018, plastic bags, wire, lights.
Below right: Karen Golland, The nature of things, 2015, site specific drawing in landscape with pom poms.

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