Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Cementa24 CallOut


Closes 19 September 2022. Put in a proposal for an artist-in-residence to conceive new work relating to the social, cultural, environmental or historical context of Kandos and/or its regional situation.

From the Cementa team:

Cement a Friendship – Visit Kandos’ is what we have been saying since Cementa began a decade ago. In that time, we have delivered five exciting and memorable festivals that show how communities and art can come together and make magic. Conceived as a socially embedded regional festival, Cementa acknowledges how contemporary art and ideas mean more when communities and relationships are the driving focus.

So, if you are keen to ‘Cementa Friendship’ with Kandos and the crew, we encourage you to put in a proposal. How it works is that we ask all artists to complete residencies in Kandos (between one to three weeks), to conceive work that relates to the social, cultural, environmental or historical context of the town and/or its regional situation. The residency gives artists an opportunity to meet and engage with our community and involve them in projects when and where possible. Cementa does occasionally curate existing works into the festival, if we believe the works will activate a dimension of the community or town or provide experiences that would not otherwise be available to them.

We are asking artists from all stages of career and practice to submit proposals for potential works for Cementa24.

To register your interest and submit a proposal, please visit our proposal form here