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Book launch – Friends: A Maxi and Friends Playful Adventure

Kay Booker

Lithgow artist Kay Booker launches her second children’s book, ‘Friends’, a collaboration with writer Nina Nyitrai, on Saturday May 27 at Lithgow Library.

A new children’s picture book that uses rhyme and whimsy paintings to create characters that are lovable and unique. The story teaches an important lesson about the value of true friendship.

Kay’s first children’s picture book ‘Music is Fun’ was created during Covid lockdowns as a way of staying connected to her grandchildren living in Japan. 


Nina Nyitrai has joined her for this second book, weaving the text into rhyme. Kay’s whimsical illustrations in watercolour tell the story of Maxi the elephant introducing his friends, no matter if they are chubby, tall, slim or small, friends are true and there for you. The books are aimed at an early childhood audience.


Here is the story of how these books came about:

“When lockdown restricted us moving about

Not seeing our loved ones made us all pout.

Good reasons to travel were quite flimsy,

But Kay is an artist, so she painted a world full of whimsy.

In this new world, all her loved ones were close…

But all of these paintings wouldn’t fit in the post!

So, Kay wrote a story, then made it a book,

She asked Nina her thoughts…

Could she have a look?

With lots of giggles, and quite a few rhymes,

They had two books ready, in hardly any time.

With materials and effort,

There was a bit of cost…

They decided to sell them

So, their whimsy wouldn’t be lost.

For those who are curious and just want a look,

You can go to the library and borrow these books!

For those who want more than just a peek,

buy the books. Then they’re yours to keep.”

‘Friends’ written by Kay Booker and Nina Nyitrai and illustrated by Kay Booker will be launched a 10am to 1pm on Saturday 27 May at Lithgow Library and Learning Centre. RSVP to Lithgow Library on 6353 9100.

BUY IT: FRIENDS: A Maxi and Friends Playful Adventure by Kay Booker | Goodreads

Copies of the book can be purchased on the day for $25 through Amazon for $22.50.