Bev Coe at Kew-Y-Ahn


The feature exhibition at our Kew-Y-Ahn Aboriginal Art Gallery at Hartley is the work of respected Wiradjuri fibre artist Bev Coe and the Wiradjuri Fibre Artists of Condoblin.

Led by Bev Coe, the ‘SistaShed’ group meets twice a week at the Wiradjuri Study Centre in Condoblin for weaving, painting and other art activities.

Bev Coe single DL flyer

About Bev Coe, in her own words:

Whether it’s painting or weaving, art has always been very personal to me. It’s all I’ve ever known; it gives me purpose, direction and a creative outlet that cannot be matched. I began weaving eight years ago after I was introduced to the practice in a class with local women. During each session, the other women and I would weave raffia and sedge collected from the Lachlan River.

I’ve since developed my practice and technique using the Lachlan River as inspiration. This river is very important; it forms a very deep spiritual connection to the country. My children swim here, the men fish here, and my family meet here.

As a child growing up in the region, I would see lots of animals: fish, turtles, and the totem of my tribe – the goanna. It’s from these early memories which I source my inspiration. I haven’t always woven large-scale animals. My start was in basket weaving, and through watching, listening and practicing with others, I’ve been able to further develop my technique.

I weave everyday now. My hands are always going. I’ve taught my daughters, my two sisters and my nieces. I’d like to think that there’s a weaver in all of us, and this is the skill I try to bring out in everyone.

The exhibition runs to the end of November 2016 in the gallery. All works are for sale.

Kew-Y-Ahn Gallery is a partnership between Arts OutWest and National Parks & Wildlife Service NSW and the Department of Environment and Heritage NSW. Find it in the Farmers Inn building (with the visitor information centre) at Hartley Historic Site, Old Bathurst Road, just off the Great Western Highway at Hartley.

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