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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

Become part of Wayout_Blp

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Artist Margaret Roberts invites you to participate in her upcoming art project by picking an object you live with that you can do without for the two months of May-June 2023.

She wants it to be an object of significance to you rather than already an artwork, as she is also asking you to bring it to Kandos to become part of Wayout_Blp, a temporary artwork on the floor of Wayout building in an exhibition opening 13 May 2023.

There, the objects brought by many people will be arranged on the floor to make the shape of a blp.

A blp is a commonly used geometric shape made of a rectangle with a half circle at each end, like the hand-holes in cardboard boxes. This shape was called a blp by artist Richard Artschwager in 1967 when he started using it to point to ‘here’, wherever the shape is located. He used it for decades in different materials, sizes and locations. Margaret is borrowing the name and meaning he gave it for Wayout_Blp so that as well as being a communal floor drawing, the blp shape made of objects arranged on the floor is also a communal expression of your regard for ‘here’. The immediate ’here’ will be in Kandos, but spreads out to the many places where the objects normally reside and will mostly go back to after the show.

Margaret would love you to participate – come to one of the artist talks/workshops she plans for Dubbo, Bathurst, Lithgow and other places, find more detail of them and more on, email on and follow wayout_blp on Facebook.

Image: Leanne Wicks getting ready to deliver her object to Wayout_Blp.