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Bathurst: Prospective tenants sought for Former Ambulance Station

Bathurst Regional Council is holding a Registration of Interest (ROI) process for prospective tenants to lease the former ambulance station on William Street.

media release 27 October 2023

Mayor of Bathurst Jess Jennings said the building is in a prime location situated within the city’s CBD and has the potential for community use.

“The building is easy to access with parking options and it is very close to coffee shops and restaurants,” he said.

“The building provides adaptive reuse opportunities of approximately 460sqm floor space.”

The purpose of the Registration of Interest (ROI) is for Council to:

  • Shortlist suitable tenants for the former Ambulance Station Building.
  • Inform incentive lease terms (if warranted) for the various tenant improvement and maintenance works required to make the building suitable for the intended uses.   The scope of these works will be determined, in part, by the intended use of the building.
  • Set out the evaluation criteria against which the Council will evaluate each ROI and select shortlisted respondents to either lease the building or tender to lease the building.
  • Provide the opportunity to understand the public’s views to assist the Council’s decision-making on specific critical issues for the project and prepare the subsequent request for tender and lease terms for the building.

The ROI closes on Tuesday, 28 November, at 10 am and the registrations are to be submitted through Tenderlink at

For more information visit or if  you have any queries, please phone 6333 6547 or email