Back to Wirksworth (kind of)

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The collaborations and connections keep on keeping on from our 2013 Australian Pavilion project where we took a dozen Central West artists to the UK to participate in the Wirksworth Festival. Most of these relationships are being driven by the participants themselves (both the Australian and English ones) which is also a great outcome.

Forbes-based Australian writer, academic, festival creator Merrill Findlay will be heading back to Derbyshire this year for the Wirksworth Festival Fringe – well, kind of….

By the wonders of modern technology (all fingers crossed) she’ll be beamed in to participate in the ‘Geography of the Senses’ session on Friday 5 September at the Derbyshire Eco Centre.

She won’t just be skyped in – she’s sending through a pre-recorded 10 minute talk, that Arts OutWest’s Maryanne and Tracey had the pleasure to help record A few weeks ago. The video was made on the banks of the river at Merrill’s family property at Bogan Gate, west of Forbes (about 5 and half hours west of Sydney). A beautiful spot, looking lovely thanks to lots of regeneration work by Merrill’s brother Mark, getting the river banks re vegetated and looked after (with the exception of the odd feral pig that thinks the river bank is a great spot to forage).

Here’s some behind-the-scenes pictures from the video shoot:

IMG_0569 IMG_0580

IMG_0582  Merrill video


View the completed video

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