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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW
What it is and how it works

Arts OutWest supports or partners on occassional projects across the region as the auspicing body (also sometimes called a ‘funds manager’).

What is an auspice?

Individuals, partnerships, groups and unincorporated organisations (auspicees) seeking funding from government often need to identify an incorporated auspicing organisation (auspicor) to apply for funding on their behalf. This is because governments can only enter into a funding agreement with a legally constituted, not‐for‐profit, incorporated organisation.

This is a role Arts OutWest has filled on many occassions.

“The role of an auspicing organisation (auspicor) is to take responsibility for the… funding, provide project management assistance to the auspicee and keep financial records on the funded activity. This arrangement is used to ensure there is monitoring of the management of the finances and the maintenance of proper financial records. This assists [the funding body] in meeting audit requirements and provides a safeguard for the funding body and funding recipients.” – Create NSW

Here’s a fact sheet from Create NSW on auspicing

When Arts OutWest auspices

We take on an auspice for an unincorporated group, individual artists or others unable to directly apply for funding. We have also auspiced funds for projects in partnership with local government or an activity within a state government ran service who would not be permitted to apply for state or federal funding.

We typically limit our auspicing role to either projects or applicants in our geographic footprint.

We consider how well a project fits within our remit and strategic plan.

We consider the capacity of the auspicees to deliver the project and what level of additional support we might be required to provide.


Sometimes the auspicee leads the application process; Sometimes we collaborate on building the project and application together.

If the funding is sucessful the funds will come to Arts OutWest. We then manage the funds and often other admin elements of the project such as employment contracts and payroll. We work with the auspicee to make sure the budget, timeline and finances are appropriatly managed and the funding is correctly aquitted. We have all funding audited by external auditors.

Sometimes the auspiced project becomes a bigger partnership making use of Arts OutWest staff or resouces in other areas. This could include:

  • arrangement of insurance and other legal requirements for the project
  • use of office space and equipment
  • financial and budget advice during the project
  • marketing, promotion and publicity expertise for the project.

The exact set up and relationship of the auspice or partnership varies from project to project.

“Although the auspicor is not responsible for the artistic direction or the artistic quality of the project for which funding was granted it is recognised that the relationship between auspicor and auspicee may be much broader than the key responsibilities.” – Create NSW


As an auspicor Arts OutWest usually charges a small percentage of the overall funding as a fee to cover our admin costs. This percentage is by negotiation and should be built into the overall funding application. The fee will be shown in the application budget as an expense.


See a range of projects we have auspiced at the SUPPORTED PROJECTS page.

To start a conversation about how we might support your project idea contact our executive director (details below).

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