Artist Run Initiative: Opportunity for artists with disability

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Arts OutWest invites artists with and without disability, living in the Central West, to join an exciting new artist run initiative (ARI).

Funded by Accessible Arts, the development of the ARI will be shaped by the participants, growing organically through individual artist preferences and facilitated by Arts OutWest.

We are inviting artists with disability, living in the Central West of NSW to express interest in joining this exciting project. The project will begin in February/ March.

This project hopes to bring together a group of around 10 artists who will help shape and design this funded 12-month program of professional development; including workshops, training and day trips to either arts organisations or exhibitions. It is hoped that members of this Artist Run Initiative will connect with one another and work towards a small exhibition and/or performance to celebrate the culmination of the project. Zoe Rodwell will be working with this group to facilitate the next 12-months, with the hope that this results in a sustainable venture.

At this stage we are opening up a call out to recruit interested artists.

Why get involved?

The ARI will support the autonomy of artists with disability within the central west region and aim to provide:
• Social inclusion
• Opportunities to network
• Broadening skills development
• Peer-reviewed arts practice
• Assistance to overcome accessibility barriers to develop professional arts practice
• A place to share ideas and opportunities for artistic development

What’s an ARI?
Why get involved?

• an ARI is group run by artists for artists
• ARI’s can be a group of individuals who work in a specific art form or they can be a collective of creatives e.g. a collective of multidisciplinary and/ or cross-disciplinary artists, including writers, filmmakers or performers
• The AOW ARI can be entirely made up of artists with disability or can include artists with and without disability

What’s on the menu?

A facilitator will arrange a variety of activities dependent on the needs of the participants.
These could include:
• Participation in professional development workshops
• Working towards a small group project outcome e.g. exhibition and/or performance
• Art sector guest speakers
• Coordinate and visit a major arts organisation to view a contemporary exhibition and/or performance
• Connections with local and broader arts sector e.g. Regional Arts organisations,
councils and/or performance spaces, galleries or studios

Want to know more?

Contact Arts OutWest’s Life-Long Learning Officer Zoe Rodwell
0434 368 033
The first monthly meeting will be in February/March 2016.

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