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Artist chat: Ceramic master Peter Wilson


Currently exhibiting in Hands on Clay at Gang Gang Gallery Lithgow (until 28 April). We caught up with the Bathurst-based master ceramic artist.

How would you describe the work you have in the Hands on Clay exhibition?

I felt the need to develop some new work because I just didn’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again. It is a departure from my previous work in that i’m using a range of new forms and glazes.

What special techniques will we see in your work?

Mostly my work is thrown and altered in some way either by facetting the pot, ie, using a wire to cut away sections, or by rearranging the pot’s shape in the making stage. Here, i’m using some ash glazes, a local yellow box eucalyptus ash mixed with some local clay and calcium carbonate which provides some interesting effects.

What draws you to clay and ceramics?

I’m drawn to clay because it is such an expressive medium and it offers so many creative possibilities in the way it can be used. It offers so many ways to explore its materiality when fired with ash and glaze materials, ie, other rocks.

What areas of ceramic making are you still keen to explore or delve more into?

Every firing contains tests so i can further develop ideas which I can potentially incorporate into my work. It is a continuous process of trial and error learning, keeping accurate notes and working away diligently, refining, experimenting. The process is continual.

Peter is currently travelling in Japan including to Shigaraki where he worked with a potter Yoshiko Takahasi about 25 years ago.


FRI 29 MARCH – SUN 28 APRIL at Gang Gang Gallery Lithgow.

The 4th annual exhibition brings together 13 Master Potters and Ceramicists display their works: LISE EDWARDS – PAULINE WELLFARE – MELISSA KELLY – PETER WILSON – ROS AULD – CATHERINE PHILLIPS – GREG DALY – JOHN DALY – GEOFF THOMAS – PAM WELSH – SUE FOLDHAZY – SARAH O’SULLIVAN and guest artist JAYANTO TAN.

Gang Gang Gallery is thrilled to be hosting their 4th collection of ceramic works by a number of talented potters, pushing boundaries with function and form in this energetic and creative exhibition.