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Our music industry support officer Patrick Coomey reviews the new album ‘Comet 2 Comet’ by Orange’s Ray Vanderby.

Give me that “Funky Space Music from my childhood” is the opening line from Orange musician Ray Vanderby’s Comet 2 Comet Album. If, like me, you grew up with music  that rode a deep groove and had vocal harmonies that soared along melodies that would stay in your head forever, this album certainly delivers on that opening line.

Ray Vanderby is a self-taught musician who has performed with some of  heavy hitters on the Australian Music scene including Black Feather (Boppin The Blues), Doug Parkison, Stevie Wright and Marcia Hines  in his career spanning over five decades. Playing with acts like this builds the capacity to collaborate with others to deliver a consistent high level musical experience for the audience to engage with the frontline act. It is that level of collaboration that is at the heart of this album. Ray has written a set of tunes that are built up with contributions from some of the finest artists and music professionals in the Central West.

Recorded in Orange with Craig Honeysett manning the Sound Desk/Ground Control at Dotted Eight Studios. The rhythm tracks came from Ray’s previous band “Corrugated Iron” with Mark Welch on drums and Shane Dickerson bass.  Ray is a master of the Hammond organ and that brought the soul train to the groove and the addition of some funky guitar with searing licks that put the music into interstellar overdrive came from the talented Dave Webb. The brass from Greg Gibson (sax) and Ben Jaiver (trombone) put the tunes in the pocket. There’s the collaboration with three fine vocalists Cecelia Rochelli, Mel Stanford and Barry Patterson who have contributed so much to theatre/ choral performances in Orange over the years. Their combined vocals deliver everything that the music has put in place to  take the listener on  a  journey into a wondrous journey past the fifth dimension, beyond that which is known. It’s boundaries are that of the imagination. It’s a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

If that wasn’t enough, a further collaboration with a local dancer Ashlee Wilson for the video of  Funky Space Music takes us through another dimension in the mind of sight as well as sound.

Strap yourself in and get on board for your journey into the outer galaxies of your imagination.

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