About Arts OutWest

Arts OutWest is the regional arts development organisation of Central West New South Wales, Australia.

Our mission: promote, facilitate, educate and advocate for arts and cultural development for communities of the NSW Central West.

The core program of Arts OutWest is funded by the NSW government through Create NSW, by 11 contributing local governments and by Charles Sturt University. Our Aboriginal Arts Development program is funded by the Australian Government through Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS). We have a Memorandum of Understanding with Western NSW Local Health District. Additional regional projects are funded and carried out through a range of partnerships.

Arts OutWest is an independent incorporated association and one of the 14 networked Regional Arts Development Organisations in NSW. Arts OutWest is a member of Regional Arts NSW.

The regional arts development program began in the Central West in 1974.

Our region

Arts OutWest services the contributing local government areas of

Our vision and values

  • Arts enriches our regional communities making them better places to live
  • The arts in our region are of high quality and need to be supported to operate at high levels
  • The arts help to generate a sense of regional identity
  • The arts can contribute as an economic driver to regional communities
  • Arts activity in the region can assist in social cohesion and development

Our strategic work

As a small team with a large region to service, Arts OutWest works to a strategic program of activities as laid out in the Arts OutWest Strategic Plan (2016-2018) [pdf] (As our state government funding was rolled over for 2019 a new strategic plan will come into effect in 2020). The Arts OutWest strategic plan also assists in the delivery of the NSW 2021 State plan.

Key strategic areas of Arts OutWest’s current work include cultural tourism, arts, health and disabilities and Aboriginal arts, as well as our ongoing core services of information, training, promotions and advocacy across the creative industries.

Our team

See contact details for our staff members

Our services

Information and education

  • Information, advice, referral contacts and resources
  • Workshops and training in areas such as cultural development and planning, marketing, funding and arts business
  • Networking opportunities, forums and mentoring programs

 Support and facilitation

  • Assisting communities to develop arts projects and build partnerships
  • Assisting or supporting funding applications
  • Securing funding for regional projects
  • Managing regional projects
  • Auspicing of local project funding
  • Research
  • Overseeing the annual CASP (Country Arts Support Program) funding in the region


  • Assisting local governments to plan for arts and cultural development
  • Support and representation for practitioners
  • Representing the region at a state and national level and networking with regional, state and federal agencies
  • Building partnerships across diverse sectors and across the region


  • The arts media program: promoting Central West arts and cultural events via radio, internet and print media
  • Workshops and resources in arts marketing, audience development and media
  • Media support and advice for local and visiting arts promoters
  • Publications
  • More about the arts media program…


Read more about our current strategic projects on our projects blog