A fresh new logo for Arts OutWest

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We’ve adopted a new logo, updating our colour scheme and welcoming an image that is bright and easy to see across print and online.

We’re rolling this out over June so expect to see it on our new materials as we create them.

Designed by our communications officer Steven Cavenagh, this is the first new logo for our organisation in over 15 years.

The Logo: The circle is representative of the sun. It’s is a universal symbol with extensive meaning representing notions of totality, wholeness, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, no beginning and no end. The earth and the sun. The lines represent the landscape of earth and horizon. Also great for social media.

The Colour: Yellow Ochre is culturally significant to Aboriginal people within NSW and is used in ceremonies to bind people to each other and their Country. Ochre is recognised for its special healing powers which promote physical, emotional and spiritual health. The colour is tweaked to give it a brighter, more optimistic and joyful energy. Easy to identify and in line with current branding.

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