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Regional Arts Development Central West NSW

2023 Sims Metal Waste 2 Art – Winners


The regional Waste to Art exhibition is currently on at Platform Arts Hub Blayney.

Waste 2 Art is a waste inspired art competition and exhibition that aims to challenge the way we look at waste with artworks incorporating some element of recycling by including waste items.

2023 Sims Metal Waste 2 Art – Winners List
Primary 2 D – Winner Individual Colours of life Chloe Smith Broken Hill $200.00
Primary 2 D – School Winner Gaanha-Bula dreaming Spring Hill Public School Orange $200.00
Highly Commended Lyla Anastasia Phillips Lachlan
Primary 3 D – Winner Dancing queen Jemima Tink Dubbo $200.00
Highly Commended Crazy, wired animals Cudgegong Valley Public School Mid-Western
Primary Functional Winner The Aussie hat Addison Crammond Lachlan $200.00
Highly Commended The disposal of leftovers from wrecked beauty Calare Public School Orange
Highly Commended Miss Patches Emily Wild Parkes
Highly Commended PAX MAT Sofala Public School Lithgow
Secondary 2 D – Winner City from above Dominick Carpenter Mid-Western $300.00
Highly Commended Me Callaghan Sheperd Broken Hill
Highly Commended Childhood ambivalence Chelsea Stocks Bathurst
Secondary 3D – Winner Tree of growth and renewing Skillset Senior College Bathurst $300.00
Highly Commended Birb Samuel Mortimer Parkes
Highly Commended Gutted by greed Matthew Davis Orange
Secondary Functional – Winner Fairytale Fascinator Chloe Amery Parkes $300.00
Highly Commended Trees grow anywhere Anneka Riepsamen Bathurst
Highly Commended Thinking hat Max Burrows Broken Hill
Community 2D – Winner The fabric of my family Heather Rendell Bathurst $500.00
Highly Commended Cumbungi (Wiradjuri for bullrushes) Dale Rushforth Broken Hill
Highly Commended Mellow yellow Katherine Coelli Dubbo
Highly Commended Palius Tinius Mark Phillips Lachlan
Community 3D – Winner Outback enola (emu dress) Lindy Clifton and the inmates of the Broken Hill correctional centre Broken Hill $500.00
Highly Commended Polly dog Molly O’byrne Mid-Western
Highly Commended Bed sheet boys Abigail McLaughlin Bogan
Community Functional – Winner Tie-the-loop SAMI Orange $500.00
Highly Commended Tea with Aileen Therese Quigley Dubbo
Highly Commended The coat of many denims Vickie Osborne Bathurst
Highly Commended Slow fashion Bethany Butchers Bogan
Open 2D – Winner Upcycled tree bark Dirk Romeyn Broken Hill $500.00
Highly Commended The forgotten song Jessica Anne Leffley-Middleton Lithgow
Highly Commended Waste, so serious Jody Lawson Bathurst
Highly Commended Opera Cape Lexi Kellam Oberon
Open 3D – Winner tied Colour for colour Sue Boyer Orange $500.00
Hare today, gone tomorrow Michelle Hazelton Parkes $500.00
Highly Commended Fast fashion behemcloth Jason Sank & Rebecca Wright Broken Hill
Highly Commended Cotton Waisted Helen McLennan Mid-Western
Open Functional – Winner Jeans shopping Megan Butriss Orange $500.00
Highly Commended After the flood Loraine Looney Broken Hill
Highly Commended Silk merino sandwich jacket Beryl Twardy Parkes
Creative Repair, Restore and Refurbish – Winner Grandmas legacy of doilies Kathy Avgoulas Lithgow $500.00
Highly Commended oh, Canada! Ali Cant Dubbo
Waste Theme Award Winner Hello I’m Dolly Sue Williams Broken Hill $500.00
Herb Clarke Memorial Award Winner Digger Trundle Central School Parkes $500.00
Colin Jones Memorial Award Winner Gugaa (Goanna) ZigZag Public School Lithgow $500.00
Curator’s Award Winner Australian fauna – wrapped Prue Mogg Lithgow $500.00
Pushing Boundaries award Winner Fast fashion behemcloth Jason Sank & Rebecca Wright Broken Hill $500.00
Emerging Artist award Winner Childhood ambivalence Chelsea Stocks Bathurst $500.00
Sims Metal Award Winner Hoot Andrew Oxley Orange $500.00
Highly Commended Harbour View Alison Dent Orange
Highly Commended Cumbungi (Wiradjuri for Bullrushes) Dale Rushforth Broken Hill
2023 Waste 2 Art Overall Winner Not fast enough… Alan Stanger Dubbo $1,000.00


Come on in and visit us at Platform Arts Hub in Blayney.

We are at the train station. (Railway Ln &, Adelaide Ln, Blayney NSW 2799).

On arrival at the station follow the Platform Arts Hub signs up to the gallery space. Remember it’s a live train station so children must be supervised at all times.


Exhibition dates and opening hours:

23 July to 20 August 2023

Wednesday to Friday 10am to 4pm

Saturday to Sunday 10am to 2pm


IMAGE: 2023 Waste 2 Art Overall Winner by Alan Stanger with the stunning artwork – Not Fast Enough…